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Kijk publication

Illustrations of “The text processor”, written by Paul Gangloff.about the printing techniques. This publicaiton was made to celebrate Joos and her printing career as head of the letterpress and offset workshop at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

La villette, 100 % expo, Artagon 

Drawing of an exhibition map that questions the objects of mediation. The exhibition is transcribed through the visitor's memories of their room. The exhibition space is no longer limited to the physical space of the room, but is frozen in time. The event is converted into a timeless object, taking on the imprint of the place and its participants.

Illustration for De Gids Magazine

Drawing for the Dutch literary magazine @degids for the column “Wild reading”


Art direction, drawings and embroideries for the fashion brand @ccchiene

Rietveld journal

Layout and drawings made with Itziar Domingo

Time travel

21 x28 cm, risography

Butcher’s Tear

Poster for the bar Butcher’s Tears, Lithography, Amsterdam, 2020

Ping pong book poems

Collaboration with Alexandru Balgiu, offset, 2021

Van Gogh Museum - Illustrations, animated/Vijing, 2021

Drawing printed on a red fabric.
Illustrations for the Vjing projected in the museum: https://vimeo.com/385826595